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Don't Miss The Opportunity to Learn from Dr. Eger!

Dr. Eger has helped MILLIONS of people
And she can help you...


Work with Dr. Eger and you too can have...

  • A life full of joy and purpose

  • Financial success in a profession you truly want to be in - Edie did it in her 50's!

  • Greater communication, respect, and passion with your spouse or partner

  • Increased connection with your children and more capabilities to repair past hurts

  • Patience and compassion for your parents as they age

  • A clear road map of what you need to do to achieve the life you desire

In just 2 hours a week for three months, you will radically change your life!

This is summer camp FOR YOU - we will be creating an action plan where you learn how to use your past to empower your future, to accomplish a powerful goal in your future.

Merrine B

"After a horrible divorce, I felt like I lost my voice and that I could no longer speak up for myself. I was wilting...Then I found this course. The conversations and context in which Dr. Edie and Jordan interact are profound and combined with the guided visualization and journaling have been revolutionary for me.

The thought of a future me being happy and helping my present self get there was intense.

I never imagined a future me living the life I was meant to have.

Thank you so much!"

Does this sound like you?

"Why do i keep finding myself back where i started!"

"I’m stuck in a thankless job and feeling like my dreams of who I should be are dying."

"Why do I keep going back to relationships that don’t make me feel good? Why can't I find someone who actually loves me?"

"I keep hearing my mother’s voice in my head saying, You’re not good enough. She's been dead for years, when does it stop?"

"My dad just died of a heart attack. I know I need to lose weight and eat healthier, but when I get stressed I go right back to my old habits."

"You haven't done it yet,

what makes you think you can do it now??"

"I am not feeling seen or loved by my husband."

"Now that the kids have gone off to college, I realize that I no longer feel excited about my marriage. It's like we’re going nowhere fast."

"I’m tired of being afraid. I feel like I’m missing out on life."

"I’m retired and I’ve lost my passion. I wish I knew what to do with my life."

"I’ve tried therapy, I’ve read tons of books, I’ve taken online programs, and nothing seems to stick. I keep circling around the same issues."

It's not just you!



“This course is the best therapy I’ve ever had.

I have had excellent therapists in the past but this course is incomparable because it has brought healing to my most significant wounds. It has helped me realign my body chemistry and become powerful. This is life changing and the best resource for helping yourself with internal battles.

Thank you Dr. Eger.”

-Kelly J

My Dears,

I want to tell you my story. Not because I think you NEED to know it, but so that

you can say to yourself, "If Edie could do it... then I can do it!"

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut, playing out the same patterns in life.
We hide, suppress, and deny our feelings, from ourselves and others. But one thing I have discovered, is that...

You can't heal what you don't feel.

I know because that was me, in my 40s, trying my best to be a good American wife. l was raising three children I had a hard time connecting with, was in a happiless marriage heading towards divorce, was stuck in a teaching job that didn't inspire me, and was plagued by constant, crippling migrains that would force me to stay in bed.

It had been more than twenty-five years since I had escaped the concentration camp, but still I was not free.

To protect myself, I chose to shut out my emotions. What had happened to me in tEe holocaust was too horrible to revisit or share with others. I thought if I never talked about it, it might just go away. Instead, in trying to hide this from others, I stopped being my true self. It made me distant, angry, disconnected, fearful...hopeless.

It got so bad, I lost my husband, my family, and my passion. Finally, I said 'enough is enough.'

I did not survive such a traumatic experience to spend my life trapped in the prison in my mind.

So I started doing my healing work. I began to turn and face my past, to reframe my trauma from having made me a victim to having forged me to be a survivor - someone strong and capable. And ultimately, I learned to forgive MYSELF for the shame and guilt I held onto for so long.

As I did this process, things began to shift for me. I started to feel hope again, and that perhaps my life would not be defined by my past trauma. I cannot change the past, but I decided I would not let my past keep me from living a loving, fulfilling, and joyful life.

So I went back to school and at 50 got my psychology Ph.D. I then decided that it was time for me to return to Auschwitz, so I went and was able to make peace with my traumatic story. I was no longer hiding from my past, but I didn't overcome it either.

I came to terms with my past - and then - my life began to change.

Our painful experiences aren’t a liability—they’re a gift. They give us perspective and meaning, an opportunity to find our unique purpose and our strength.

After many decades of a successful psychology practice and my own inner practice, I recognized the next most important part - to share my story with others, so they could benefit from my journey.

At 90, I wrote my first book, a New York Times best-seller. Then I wrote another one. Then I partnered with my grandson Jordan and Soul Search to turn my wisdom into a program that could heal tens of thousands.

I wrote the books and made the course because you need to know that it is never too late to become a take-charge person and live the life you desire and deserve.

With what beautiful time I have left on this planet, I intend to continue to use it to help you fall back in love with yourself. I want you to know you can stop revolving around your past, stop being stuck in the negative self-talk, stop that voice that tells you you're not good enough.

You cannot change the past, but YOU can evolve. By reframing your relationship with your past, and taking clear and courageous actions, you can radically transform your life. It will require you to take risks that create the possibliity of growth, and I will be here with you as you learn to heal yourself and reclaim your true self.

Time doesn't heal. It’s what you do with the time. Healing is possible when we choose to take responsibility, when we choose to take risks, and finally, when we choose to release the wound, to let go of the past or the grief.

Donna M

Nothing I have ever read or watched 'sunk in' as much as this course. I experienced the successive deaths of 3 loved ones, including a son. The grief and fear of losing someone else has stayed with me for 21 years. I carried 'mother guilt' for my son’s death and never thought I deserved forgiveness. My health suffered as a result of 'punishing' myself.

I'm tired of living with and in fear, and I now choose, finally, to forgive myself. I couldn't have done it without this course.
Thank you Dr. Eger.”

Judy S

" I have experienced a greater sense of well-being and connection to my purpose and self-worth since starting the course. The results were immediate and amplified throughout. In each module Edie and Jordan provide core universal human pearls of wisdom accompanied by a specific exercise to apply the learning and achieve healing. Many exercises include excellent guided visualizations followed by journal writing.

I will use the many tools provided in the course again and again as I endeavor to live my best life. I found Dr. Eger's books to be precious jewels and have cherished this opportunity to learn directly from her and deeply integrate her hard-earned wisdom into my life."

Revolving to Evolving

A 12-Week Transformational Coaching Experience With
Dr. Eger & Special Guests

Access the transformative practices and expert coaching you need to finally stop revolving around old habits and start taking action in your life, to accomplish your goals, and live your dream life.

What is Dr. Eger's Revolving to Evolving?

In this 12-week live coaching program, you will receive Dr. Eger’s proven process for exponential growth. 

Expertly guided by Dr. Eger-method coaches (including Edie herself), this program provides the motivation you need to break-free from limiting beliefs, reconnect with your true inner self, and step forward into a purpose-led life.

With Revolving to Evolving

you will...

  • Find your north star

  • Safely explore your past

  • Cultivate a deeper self awareness

  • Release old internal narratives 

  • Change your language 

  • Turn your thoughts into action 

  • Face your fears with courage 

  • See your life as your legacy 

  • Invest in yourself 

  • Grow from new experiences

  • Unlock your potential 

  • Celebrate & reflect on how far you’ve come

Louisa R

"The course was so much better than I expected. I didn’t expect the “lift” I experienced when I learned better tools to release the baggage holding me back. I was also pleasantly surprised by the power of a community of people from around the world struggling with similar issues of personal growth."

Breda T

"Thank you for showing me how to release myself from my traumatic experience. The course is such an amazing gift in my life. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all involved."

Rachel L.

“This course changed my life. For over 30 years, I’ve tried to forgive people who hurt me… to forget my past. It never worked until your course. It was like a lightbulb going off. I realize now, I completely misunderstood forgiveness. I am so deeply grateful for you. Thank you Dr. Eger!”

How Does Revolving to Evolving work?

12 Live Weekly Workshops

Led by Dr. Eger and her coaches, each week we take you on a journey, helping you face your past, embrace your present, and step powerfully into your future.

11 Recorded

Each module is of Dr. Eger and her grandson Jordan Engle diving into Dr. Eger's methodology, philosophy, and story. Each module also includes a practice and most included guided visualizations.


During each live workshop, we will guide you through a meditation designed to help you ground and embody the lessons from the day. There are also guided visualizations in most of the modules.

 Downloadable Workbooks

Use the course workbook to help you navigate all that arises in each module. Different practices, questions, and quotes support your process.
In addition, each live workshop will have its own workbook to help you go deeper on your own time.

Supportive Community

Deep healing happens inside a loving community. As we get to witness others sharing their life, we not only experience empathy for them, but it helps us learn compassion for ourselves. There are group interactions during the live workshop and in our online community group.


Access to Dr. Eger’s Forgiveness course

“To forgive is to grieve—for what happened, for what didn’t happen—and to give up the need for a different past."

Benefit from Dr. Eger's unique and powerful perspective on forgiveness, the gateway to healing.

 Step off the wheel of suffering and onto the path of unlimited possibilities 

Re-imagine your purposeful life. Reclaim your authentic self. Reinvent your future.


"I'll be forever changed by her story."

- Oprah Winfrey

"One of the most inspiring people I have ever met."

- Lewis Howes

"It’s just her resilience, her courage, and her love."

- Brené Brown

"She is truly an inspiration."

- Larry King

Jonathan Van Ness

“The sense of purpose, joy, love, wonder and strength I gleaned from my time spent with @dr.editheger will never leave me.

Desmond Tutu

“Dr. Eger’s life reveals our capacity to transcend even the greatest of horrors and to use that suffering for the benefit of others. She has found true freedom and forgiveness and shows us how we can as well.”

Feel the IMPACT
Revolving to Evolving

is making for students

Stop Revolving & Join Us to Start Evolving

Ready to release the past and take action towards a life of peace, confidence & purpose? 

Meet Your Inspiring Coaches

Dr. Edith Eger

Dr. Eger is a Hungarian-born American psychologist, a Holocaust survivor and a specialist in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Her memoir entitled The Choice: Embrace the Possible, is an international bestseller.

Dr. Marianne Engle

Dr. Engle is a licensed clinical psychologist and a sports psychologist. She is currently on the faculty of the NYU Langone Medical School. She is also Dr. Eger's daughter.

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author and show host of The School of Greatness, one of the top growth mindset podcasts in the world.

Dr. Millicent Rose

Dr. Rose is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. She holds over 10 years of expertise in treating victims of trauma, and working with individuals, families, and couples.

Stephanie Harrison

Stephanie is the author of The New Happy, and is an expert in happiness. She created the New Happy philosophy, a groundbreaking new approach to individual and collective happiness.

Alexander Vesely, MA

Alex is a producer and award-winning documentary film director. He is also a licensed psychotherapist, and the grandson of Viktor Frankl and the co-founder of the Victor Frankl Institute of America

Dr. Joy Miller

Dr. Miller is an internationally known presenter and author of eight books focusing on relationships, women’s issues and holocaust studies. For more than 50 years, she has held a full therapy schedule and created a premier private counseling practice.

Jordan Engle

Jordan is your host. He is also Dr. Eger's grandson and Dr. Engle's son. His gift of storytelling, production, and facilitation allows him to serve as an ideal guide for students to receive a deeper understanding of how to put Edie’s wisdom into practice.

Alex Morrison

Alex has been working in the self-actualization space for over 20 years. His work focuses on bringing about changes in how people and organizations focus their energy to create lasting impact.

Revolving to Evolving Live Workshops
Start May 23rd

Registration closes May 20th

The course is POWER PACKED with wisdom from hand-selected experts in mental health, and practices and guided visualizations to have you reclaim your true self.

What's Included in Dr. Eger's Revolving to Evolving Program:

  • 3 x 1-Hour Intensives with Dr. Eger

  • 9 x 1-Hour Workshops with Eger Method Experts



  • Lifetime Access to Dr. Eger's Courses: Unlocking Your Potential & Forgiveness, A Gift I Give Myself


  • On-Demand Access to Revolving Session Recordings


  • 12 Inspiring & Healing Guided Visualizations


  • Eger Method Reflection & Goal Setting Workbook


  • Graduation Celebration with Dr. Eger and Coaches


What's Included in Dr. Eger's
Revolving to Evolving 

For less than one session with any of our coaches, you will have a front row seat to learn from and dialogue with these groundbreaking leaders.
This program will NEVER be offered with Dr. Eger and this group of experts again. This is your opportunity to learn from them RIGHT NOW.
Your life is worth this investment - we guarantee it!


If you want even more GROWTH, more TIME TOGETHER, more ACCOUNTABILITY, and more CHANCES TO SHARE...

We have opened up an EXTENDED ENGAGEMENT which gives you a facilitated small cohort so you can SPEAK AND LISTEN with your peers throughout the workshop. You also get an ADDITIONAL BONUS WORKSHOP WITH DR. EGER and a SPECIAL TRAINING on the Eger Method.

Revolving to Evolving

Using the Eger Method, our expert coaches give you the insight and support to create change.

  • 12 live one-hour weekly workshops with Dr. Eger & experts in mental health

  • 11 recorded modules of Dr. Eger sharing her wisdom, her story, and her practices

  • Interactive, downloadable workbook for the course & each live workshop

  • Supportive online groups

  • Lifetime Access to course

  • Bonus Access to Dr. Eger's course: Forgiveness

Evolving Program

+ Extended Engagement

Want extra peer support and a more in-depth dive?

  • Get everything from Evolving, plus:

  • Intimate workshop with Dr. Edie and Jordan

  • Specialized training on Eger Method

  • 8 small group meetings with accountability partners (4-6 people)

  • 4 Additional Guided Visualizations

  • Official Certificate of Completion

  • Autographed book by Dr. Edith Eger

30 Day


Money Back


Terri M.

"I am going through the course a second time. Every time I listen to the discussion and do the meditations, I glean more insights. Perhaps my biggest take away right now is letting go the narratives that other people have given me of who I am. I am shedding what no longer fits me and my authentic self. I will tell my own story.”

Lorena B

"It helped me become a take charge person instead of someone how just goes with the flow. And It.Feels.Good!! I decided to take the leap and leave my known but kinda awful job behind. The other offer I got fell through, but it feels amazing, that I was brave enough to leave my comfort zone, and faced some fears. The decision itself gives me strength for the future. Strength because I know I can stand up for myself if needed."

"If you don't risk, you don't grow."
- Dr. Eger

Hello My Dear,

Coming from a 96 year old, let me tell you, there is no better time than right now to take a stand for your own life. I know, there are always reasons why now is not convenient, that you feel too old, too young, not good enough, not deserving, not capable... 

Well my dear, here’s the real truth. You are a one of a kind diamond who IS capable of deep and lasting change. And it comes down to one of my favorite American words – willing. Are you willing to take a risk? If not now, when? 

If you are ready, and you are willing, allow me to guide you to a content and peaceful place in your heart. You have this one precious life before you, why let your past keep you from living it to its fullest?

Today it is time to forgive yourself for all that hasn’t happened in your life, to stop revolving around old habits and beliefs, and to truly and completely evolve into the YOU that is there, inside, waiting to be set free! 

This course brings together my life's work, my favorite coaches, and you my dear - who are on your journey to greatness. 

I look forward to seeing you on May 23rd for our first meeting together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend the live calls or are recordings available?

All the recorded modules as well as all live workshops will be recorded and made available to you. In addition you have lifetime access to the course, so you can revisit over and again as you see need.

How do I know if this is right for me?

This program is for people that want to create a positive future in their lives, with their family and friends, with their community and the planet, and yet feel constrained in the present by anger, regret, sadness, frustration, and more that is generated by their feelings about past events. This program will help you to look deeply at this interrelationship and find freedom from the prison of your own mind.

What is included and what will I get out of this program?

This is 12 weeks of live workshop, recorded lessons, regular practices, and an opportunity for deep and lasting growth.

We will help you look at ways you have been holding on to the past that is keeping you from living the live you desire.

Dr. Eger and her coaches will provide you with actionable perspectives and practices, inside of a community of support.

Will I have the opportunity to interact live with Dr. Eger?

During Revolving to Evolving live workshops, there will be Q&A with Dr. Eger and her team of mental health experts. In addition, the coaches will be available during the week of their module to answer questions in the online community group.

How is this different from her books?

The books touch on themes that have been present throughout Dr. Eger's decades of work.

This course takes the wisdom off the pages and puts it into your hands, to learn how to reclaim your true self. Doing this course over 12 weeks, with a community support and led by experts, this is the most immersive program Dr. Eger offers.

How is this different from her other courses?

Each of Dr. Eger's programs are expressions of her decades of learning, self-reflection, and working with her clients. As well, each program has a focus, either elevating a particular element of her approach or taking you deeper into a longer process of healing and growth.

This program provides all the core components of the Eger Method coupled with regular live coaching from a group of diverse and experienced mental health professionals.

Soul Search